Masai Mara Culture

On a long forgotten path, the Masai mara plains of kenya still hold the greatest cuisine to describe the local African customs, their social interactions, way of life; Well, for many past years, you could have opted for a city life, but well, the Masai mara culture defines and protects its traditional modernity.

Get to understand the African culture by visiting these villages with unique distinctive dress codes, the numerous unspoiled villages with unspoiled cultural norms. Have a chance to participate or get involved in their day to day activities with much to learn.


The Masaai are one of the Africa’s Pleistocene local groups existing to over 42 tribes inhabiting the northern plains of Masaai Mara game parks, most dominating the northern lake shores of Turkana.

Their African style of a true black man spins in their human behaviour, not forgetting a reflection to their cultural practises harnessed by their Unique ancestral art, Music, their dance performances, their African rituals-still a guide to their lives, their shelter made in a local setting housed by thatched grass.

On a guided authentic Masaai mara safari, opt for a short nature walk to the dramatic El Molo villages or head to the western Kenya plains to visit the Alego Nyangoma Kogelo villages which is the ancestral home to the first black American president of the U.S, Balack Obama. These villages are historical point outs to the mysteries and strange life styles behind the man in the pearl of Africa inhabiting the African great lakes.


Thinking of getting married married? Honey mooners vacation? Come along with your spouse on to the forgotten villages in the Masaai mara in the pearl of Africa, experience an iconic traditional Turkana wedding or honey moon Turkana experience, learning the traditional turkana ceremonies; A time that rests behind our memories lives within us, so then, live to be a story teller attending some of the local village parties that are surely un bearable to miss, be welcomed by the innocent and hospital souls.

Masaai Mara has a lot to offer, the large game reserve paraded in Narok County, Kenya, contiguous with the Serengeti National Park in Mara Region and then resting to the northern Tanzania is an authentic shield with stunning icons, encounter with the true Kenya culture through guided village walks, farm works, trekking in the far voluminous canyons, or take a short walk and go shopping in the village markets, visit the eco-tours or visit the local handicraft shops to learn and have an experience with the local ways of how to make handicraft art pieces.

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